The standard FTQ internal battery is charged with a standard USB charger and USB C cable.  Similar to modern personal electronic devices charging, the fireTEK devices can conveniently be charged anywhere. 

External Power

This is standard with the FTQ modules.  The USB C Port also allows the use of any standard USB battery pack or USB power source as external power.  Adding an external power source can extend standby time and increase firing voltage.  

The external power source can be connected or disconnected to the firing module at any time, even when the module is in operation. 

Here are some various ideas for external power

  • A usb wall charger
  • A external usb battery
  • A USB adapter for portable power tool batteries
  • A DC converter with Step Down voltage Regulator 

FTQ Buddy Power

FTQ modules can share power by connecting two modules together via the USB port. 

2-wire charging

If the FTQ module is used in a 2-wire network and the 2-wire controller provides power over the physical network, the FTQ modules can also be charged from the 2-wire network.