fireTEK was the first firing system to implement wireless mesh technology (2010) and all the fireTEK equipment included wireless networking components designed and intended for mesh networking from the ground up.  

The fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network is based on CE, FCC, and IC compliant modules that are legal worldwide.  With mesh technology every fireTEK device acts as a repeater so direct line of sight or close proximity to the Master Controller is NOT required.   The Intelligent wireless network identifies the necessary wireless transmission paths through the mesh of possible point-to-point paths of the fireTEK devices.  This allows the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network to reach around obstructions that may cause signal loss by passing the transmission through the networked devices.

Any fireTEK device can act as a repeater in the mesh network, if necessary,  to transmit around obstacles such as a metal building or hill.   

The SelfHealing feature of the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network allows the fireTEK devices to continuously manage the transmission paths and redirect the transmissions if necessary.  For example if a device looses power it will stop transmitting and the mesh network will reconfigure the transmission paths to maintain the best possible network.

The fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network uses special algorithms to correct any timing delays or drifts that may occur due to multiple "hops" through the mesh network to maintain an accuracy less than 10ms (.010 seconds).  

With GPS optioned modules (which fireTEK has offered since 2014), fireTEK algorithms take advantage of the GPS accuracy of 10ns (0.000000010 seconds) and can maintain a much higher accuracy through the network.   

The fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network allows multiple "hops" to achieve up to a 18 miles (30 Km) distance.