fireTEK's Small RF Remote option returns with the FTQ modules.   Previous FTH-48A modules had a similar option to use a RF Remote as an option to interface with the module.  

The Small RF Remote allows the user to Start, Pause, and Stop scripted shows and manually step fire.  The Small RF Remote option is ideal for an affordable entry to the fireTEK system for small or backyard shows.  Or, if you have multiple modules, it allows you to split up your larger systems and support multiple shows with a simple wireless interface.   

The following video of a DMX Pyromusical was controlled by a single Small RF Remote

With an optional plug-n-play internal RF receiver board and internal antenna, a small 2-button or 4-button 433Mhz remote can be synced (Learned) with the FTQ module to allow user interface and safety features.  The typical range of successful transmission is 115ft with the Small RF Remote. 

This is also an affordable starting configuration, fireTEK offers FTQ modules with the Small RF Remote options, but without the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network.  The RF Remote is functional in all Operational Modes and allows additional functions like quick navigation through the Channel Status display which is helpful for setup and troubleshooting. 

When learning the Small RF Remote to the FTQ Module, each button assignment is displayed on the screen and confirmation of the learning process is required through the <<BWD and FWD>> operational buttons on the FTQ module to ensure safety.  Multiple modules can be synced to the same Remote by repeating the learning process with with each Remote.  

See the following article for details on syncing the FTQ with a Small Remote:  Learning the Small Remote RF Codes

When the FTQ module receives an RF signal, it will display the following icons in the upper left corner of the screen above the wireless strength icon (The "S" in the above photo pertains to the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network but it would intermittently change when an 433Mhz signal is recognized): 

"B" -  will blink if it is learned for the Blue <<BWD Button

"G" - will blink if it is learned for the Green FWD>> Button

"1" - will blink if it is learned for the ALT1 function

"2" - will blink if it is learned for the ALT2 function

"X" - will blink if it detects a 433Mhz signal that is not learned by the module 

The fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network Option is required for networking the module to the FTM-99Sx or other fireTEK modules. 

FTM-99Sx Controller 

Bi-directional communication over the wireless mesh network

The Small RF Remote is also functional with the FTQ modules that also include the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network.  For Example, the Small RF Remote can be used to interface with a FTQ Module in Master Mode that is networked with other slave modules through the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network and the Small Remote can control a scripted show across all the networked modules.  


With the Small Remote comes a feature called CrewControl.   With fireTEK CrewControl pyrotechnic crew members monitoring specific areas can disable firing on preselected modules using the Small Remote.  If the issue is resolved the module can be commanded with the Small Remote to resume firing and it will remain in sequence with the show. 

The CrewControl function is enabled and disabled through the configuration settings of the individual FTQ Modules. 

Configuration Settings

The FTQ Module also allows the user to enable and disable the Small Remote functions by configuration settings of the individual FTQ Modules.